Research Forum 2012-13

Forum speakers for the 2012-13 academic year are listed below: please follow the title links for more information.


4 October 2012: Matthew Spring (BSU) – Benjamin Milgrove: The Musical Toyman of Bath

11 October 2012: Chris Watson – Acoustic Landscapes [NB: this session will be from 10am-12pm in TN115/6]

18 October 2012: Nigel Beaham-Powell (BSU) – Music, Money & Maps – what do Collecting Societies tell us about culture?

25 October 2012: Felicity Ford (Oxford Brookes University) – Making Sound Diaries as Sonic Fieldwork

1 November 2012: Austin Sherlaw-Johnson (Oxford Brookes) – What use is music in an ocean of sound?

7 November: Kim Cascone – Subtle Listening: inner ear training for sound artists

8 November 2012: Micael Pisaro (CalArts) – A finite map of infinite space: fields, grids and diskrete stetigkeit

15 November 2012: Caroline Wilkins – One Foot in the Score: on experimental sound theatre

22 November 2012: Amanda Bayley (BSU) – Composer-performer dialogues surrounding notation

29 November 2012: Richard Parfitt (BSU): I Was A Teenage Gwent Boy

6 December 2012: Stephen Whittington (Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide) – Extended Durations

13 December 2012: Joe Duddell (BSU) – Depicting Abstract Art in Music?: Towards a portrait of Patrick Heron

10 January 2013: James Saunders (BSU) – Scores as instruments

17 January 2013: Charles Wiffen (BSU) – Orgies and opportunities: programming, reception and impact of the Bath
Festival (1948-2012)

24 January 2013: [no session this week]

31 January 2013: Eric Clarke (University of Oxford) – Distributed creativity in concert music performance

7 February 2013: Emma Hooper (BSU) – SingSmash! An Immersive, Ludic, iOS Approach to the Teaching of Musicality

14 February 2013: Joanna Bailie (City) – Squeezing out the music from real sound

21 February 2013: Amy Mallett (BSU) – Conversations with composers: approaches to composing for Musical Theatre

28 February 2013: Oogoo Maia (BSU) – Temporal Metaphors: the sensation of time as it passes through us

7 March 2013: Joseph Hyde (BSU) – Musique Concrète Thinking in Visual Music Practice: Audiovisual Silence and Noise, Reduced Listening and Visual Suspension

14 March 2013: Jo Thomas (University of East London) – Compositional Approaches in Crystal, Sounds of a Synchrotron, Nature of Habit, Mermaids, Amber

21 March 2013: [no forum]

18 April 2013: Andy Brown (BSU) – A league of extraordinary djentlemen? Geekdom, virtuosity and the relative ‘un-marking’ of race in on-line progressive-metal fandom threads

25 April 2013: [no forum]

2 May 2013: Richard Dobson (BSU) – Richard Dobson – Sound and Music Computing in Schools

9 May 2013: Dai Griffiths (Oxford Brookes) – Elevating Form and Elevating Modulation

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