Michelle Elliott and Chris Lewis-Smith (Bath Spa) – Examining Creativity: Themes and Theories

Wednesday 29 January 2015. 12.30-2pm
CM105, Newton Park. 

This two-part presentation explores some of the current themes and theories that surround creative practices.  Part 1, presented by Chris Lewis-Smith in the Commons Preview Theatre, outlines the early stages of a project that explores the organizational challenges of collaborative creative practice in HE using virtual teamwork. It ultimately aims to construct a practical working framework to support inter-university collaborative engagement. Part 2 is a paper presented by Michelle Elliott that attempts to unpick some of the ontological issues that arise from the study of the term creativity.  It explores the debates that emerge with attempts to define the term and explores whether creativity is a mindset, a mental capacity or an innate set of characteristics that can only be attributed to ‘special’ individuals. Please assemble in the Commons Foyer 5 minutes before the start time for group access to the Preview Theatre. This will begin as a performative presentation in the Preview Theatre and then promenade to CM105.


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