Dr Thomas Kampe presents his Research in Australia, Korea and Germany

20141211_162640Thomas has been an invited guest speaker at a sequence of international fora for contemporary dance in 2014. He presented a paper on UK community dance practices and taught two workshops to practitioners at K-Arts University as part of an international symposium on community dance in Seoul in December 2014. Thomas joined forces with Dr Jenny Roche of QUT in Brisbane in September 2014 to teach at their dance department. He was also invited as co-researcher into a QUT-led research project investigating the design of somatic informed dance syllabi in conservatory training in Australia. Thomas was also an invited speaker at the international symposium Live Legacy Project In Düsseldorf in July 2014, where he facilitated discussions and laboratory sessions with leading European and American post-modern dance practitioners. The project was funded through Tanzfonds Erbe and University of Hamburg. He was also an invited researcher in the project ‘T​he R​ole ​of S​omatic P​ractices ​in C​horeography – ​a phenomenological approach in dance’ (2015-18) in Hamburg, working with dance makers, pedagogues, psychologists, scientists and philosophers. He returned to Germany to speak on ​’​Somatic Practices and Criticality​’​ at Somatische Akademie in Berlin in November 2014.

Thomas’s forthcoming publications arising from this work includes papers on ‘Eros and Inquiry: the Feldenkrais Method as a complex resource’ for the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal and a book chapter for the Palgrave Macmillan edition Performing Process, a book on choreographic practices edited by the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry.


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